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    Quote Originally Posted by Keilyn View Post
    PSU had two things for me...

    1) It was the first time my favorite game was a non-AAA title. I enjoyed playing the hell out of that thing.
    2) PSU has my favorite OST of all time to the point I spent many hours logged on just learning on Guitars, Keyboards, and Bass the melodies and musical form heard in the music throughout the game.

    Three things from this scratch I want..

    Mirei Costume
    Karen Costume.. (if it still exists)

    ...and 100000x more fearful than Godzilla Costume...
    Kakwane Costume FTW! ^_^
    Yeah the Karen costume has been on the market for ahwile, and it's pretty cheap on Ship2

    Kind of makes me regret buying the Box set just to get it (not really).

    But yeah, I played the original PSO on Dreamcast, but PSU was the one that really hooked me on the series. It was a fun game, and I made plenty of friends through it. It has some issues, but I had fun so that's what counts.

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    Just one more day until this scratch.

    My wallet is ready!
    Sent from cellphone, please excuse the brevity of my post.

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    Ohshi- this is tomorrow?

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    Yeah it says Aug 31
    Sent from cellphone, please excuse the brevity of my post.

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    Well, that snuck up on me. No matter though, considering my secret: my wallet is always ready.

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    Still sad about hoverboard LA being Bonus Scratch ;w;
    Nonetheless, my meseta wallet is ready xD
    (Kazuki, RA or BR/HU, Human♂) (Yusei, FO/TE or FI, Newman♂)(Zane, TE or BR/HU, Deuman♂)
    Ship: 2-Ur

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    Maintenance is scheduled for the standard 6 hours.

    I'll be camping the servers to get my airboard action.
    Sent from cellphone, please excuse the brevity of my post.

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    Figured it was worth comparing the Ethan and Karen from the 2012 Premium Package and the new NPCs.
    They really made them look hundreds of times better, I love Ethan's new face.


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    Isn't that partly due to the new graphics settings, the old image looks like it was taken on vita
    Sent from cellphone, please excuse the brevity of my post.

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    For a start, they have new hairstyles. And Karen obviously has different face variant (babyface in the first picture, youthful in the second one). In fact, old picture looks like they merely took default character presets and only altered hair colors. New versions are way more true to the originals.
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