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    Quote Originally Posted by Dammy View Post
    how are those boosters comparing to nobles ?
    you can have only one i guess ?
    3PP is far more valuable than 5atk

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    Takt-NT from the volume 6 dvd now strongest takt in game.

    We're all doomed. Everyone kneel to our whale SU overloards.

    Shigure ship 2. Credit to agarwood for the picture!

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    I got the Air Board because I'm a bad decision maker.

    It's pretty cool, it moves slow but you can turn with the attack buttons (mouse buttons if playing with keybaord+mouse), so I'm satisfied.

    I also got everything else I wanted from the scratch within those 25 draws, so that's awesome, now I can be both Karen and Mirei at the push of a button!
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    serafi nt crea doubles and huge cutter all have this potential (also serafi nt has 4 more atk than old serafi)

    The HP recovery amount of 30%, to increase the power of 12%. <--- google translate but yea

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    Aaaand nothing in this scratch for me. Shocking.
    Then again there was only like 3 outfit sets I ever had in PSU as I didn't like majority of the stuff on there.

    PSP2 PSP2i on the other hand....

    Can we have the Pizza outfit Sega? Shadow with the Black/Purple stripe socks?
    When is PSP2's anniversary?

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    Ohhh mah gawd. They have the walking pannon statue! Hopping bel pannon when? :u This scratch has so many nice things for the room. Way too many nice things. I have no more space. Hnnnnk.

    And I guess the other items are nice too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xaeris View Post
    This scratch actually doesn't do much for me. Got Ethan's coat, but aside from that, it's star gem and recycle ticket fodder to me. Just as well, saves money for next week, I guess.

    Shame there's no FI wand worthwhile, otherwise Limit Break TE wand smacking Ethan and I could dig that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZerotakerZX View Post
    3PP is far more valuable than 5atk
    This. Glad I sold mine when I could price keeps dropping.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kazzi View Post
    Shame there's no FI wand worthwhile, otherwise Limit Break TE wand smacking Ethan and I could dig that.
    ... ジグマジェーン? Ignoring the fact that it's one of the grindiest 12*s in the game to acquire short of Coat Doublis D and it comes from a mobile game that only a fraction of the playerbase even attends regularly and that no one would get it when the TMGs are far superior?
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