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    Default Next Update (Video) 09/21/2016




    Master Nezumi and Orga Cats will appear in the lobby.
    - You will also be able to acquire their partner cards.

    Revival Scratch [Legacy Parts Selection G 2016]
    - Erdem and Phaleg layered outfits

    New Scratch AC, [Earth Grace Coordinator] 09/21/16 ~ 09/28/16

    New Time Attack Quest, [Marathon Practice: Tokyo]
    -The key is to reduce your time with the Dash Panels
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    Kinda funny how even if you equip the "Slit Eyes", your character will still blink as if their eyes are still open.

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    My headcanon is that my character and Phaleg bonded over trading kicks with each other and she just had to know where Phaleg shops.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gabor100 View Post

    Inb4 20m innerwear
    Quote Originally Posted by WarSarah View Post
    in other news, accept your angular tits.

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    Oh another 13* Double Saber from NPC, so max element my Austere Edge with 30 13* DS is real now
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    good stuff good stuff. but one day underwear will be able to be seen for now we just have to mod it.
    Ship 10 is where I play, also Fashion is very important le me

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    Kinda seems slowly but surly they are leaving the scifi theme. Kinda getting more syfy >_>. I do not like it.
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    Vivienne items when

    Vivienne NPC when
    Ship 02

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    Quote Originally Posted by Punisher106 View Post
    Vivienne items when

    Vivienne NPC when
    Once the current PSU Part1 Scratch ends. Which is somewhere in November. As for what they'll include.. who knows. o3o

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