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    FINALLY no timer on stance !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Better late than never

    - Improved speed of Surprise Dunk
    sounds good
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aine View Post
    - Fury Stance and Guard Stance time limit removed, will now remain active until manually switched/turned off
    Only took them 4 years to realize time limit for stance is utterly useless and only make subpalette more cool with those timer thing glowing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nguuuquaaa View Post
    Huh, gunslash exists in PSO2?
    Didn't you know, according to Sakai(Producer) it's the strongest weapon ingame.
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    There will also be an adjustment to the stylish roll cancelling for Dead Approach.

    So, where's the balance again?

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    Well I expected something different than "minor improvements" although most of them make sense.

    Still, they'll need to touch skills at some points, especally the "main class only" mess. Basically, classes like BO have literally half of their core skills main-class locked (because gearing for element stance is not scary enough in itself I guess). On the other hand HU sub having so few relevant "main class only" skills that HU main becomes irrelevant except for using their set of weapons (so fury boost combo, automate, iron will and massive hunter, not a single one of those main class, but you can't even use Break SD bonus for BO ?? I'm legit curious about the reason or lack of things turned out this way). One can only hope someday they'll decide to look at skill trees and multipliers (Fury Stance vs Element stance, or how to rainbow to get less damage than an unconditional stance)

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    The people behind class skills have been a bit weird over the years. Like I remember when Wand Lovers got turned into an infinite stance and was wondering why they didn't just apply this to all stance skills. :/ I want to say at the time they argued that infinite duration stances would "be bad for balance" which utterly baffled me back then.

    But yeah these are essentially all minor but welcome adjustments, just not the game-changing stuff I think some people were expecting (I was among them).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sizustar View Post
    Didn't you know, according to Sakai(Producer) it's the strongest weapon ingame.
    It's almost as if gunslashes don't have have a long range Over End that can one shot bosses... oh wait! they don't.
    Quote Originally Posted by FireswordRus View Post
    But if u take mpa with a lot boses in 1 time, and if FI have war cry lv10 ,FI win

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    I dont mind if these so called 'class rebalances' are just QOL changes, so as long as I get my skill resets :V
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    Depends on if they think infinite stances are enough of a change to warrant a pass.. they might not.

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    I'm very happy about the time limit removal on Stances.

    Sword receiving larger AoE for Nova Strike is delightful to hear. Heck, additional AoE for anything Sword related is good news to me.

    Funny how they think that there's something wrong with one part of Stun Concide that needs rebalancing when the PA in its entirety is obsolete for both mobs and bosses. They should have just made a useful crafted version available instead but it'll probably be a while until a new crafted Sword PA is made as there is already a crafted Sacrifice Bite on its way soon.

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