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    Quote Originally Posted by Dammy View Post
    NT grinding with excubes, when ?
    Do you mean using Excibes as fodder for grinding NT weapons? Yes please, that'd be great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dammy View Post
    NT grinding with excubes, when ?
    I've been doing this since forever by using 10* NT+3 or up as fodders for Nox
    TE buff is cool.

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    These balance changes are so underwhelming I have nothing to say except a great big fat "meh".

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    Quote Originally Posted by Evangelion X.XX View Post
    ikr, it doesn't make it any less useless.

    Depending on how much they reduce the PP usage and how much faster they make it. I could see it being useful against some bosses at certain points.

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    Well there probably hasn't been a large amount of complaints so sega just went with here what people have waited 3 years ago lets give them that now.
    Ship 10 is where I play, also Fashion is very important le me

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    it would have been neat if they added i-frames to the unmodded parallel slider too; it would give a neat dynamic for modding it or not modding it

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