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    Default Next Update (Video) 10/05/2016




    Halloween Lobby
    Halloween Bingo
    Franca’s Night Cafe

    Level Up Quests will be added into the Featured Quest lineup
    Winged Border Breaker
    Shironian Pandemonium
    Chaotic Beguiler
    Chaotic Darkness
    Darkness from the Chaos.

    You can acquire the Queen Rappy Suit from PSO2es Ranking Rewards

    In the Beauty Salon, you can now switch outfits stored in Character Storage.

    You can now place Skill Rings up on the Player Shop market or trade them between players

    Improved the contents of the Item details page for Units

    You can open the storage menu from the Appraisal shop

    New Chat Commands will be added
    /skillring (/sr) [name] to switch skill rings
    /myset (/ms) [number] to switch My Sets

    Volcanic Caverns and Tundra will finally support Gathering

    AC Scratch [Wonderland Party]
    Fairytail style Layered Wear and Parts

    Battle Ship Team Room

    Emergency Quest [Trick or Treat 2016!]

    Episode 4: Chapter 5 "Prediction"
    This time Enga head to Mother Cluster’s Base on the Moon

    Balance Changes
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