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    Default 4th Year Anniversary: Item Design Contest Winners (Models Revealed)


    Winning deisgns' in game models are released!

    Get yourself these new leading costumes! Specially designed for those with odd leg length!



    A new playable race, Dinian, is coming to PSO2 next spring. Along with gundams.



    Weapon Camo:



    Room GoodsHair Style:
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    Meh, don't think any of them are the ones that I root for :/
    (Kazuki, RA or BR/HU, Human♂) (Yusei, FO/TE or FI, Newman♂)(Zane, TE or BR/HU, Deuman♂)
    Ship: 2-Ur

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    oh man, cant believe HuDinian won

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    Ah man, the hair I wanted didn't win. Camos are on point, but none of the other categories contain winners that interest me.

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    Cast really are gundams now
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    Quote Originally Posted by FireswordRus View Post
    But if u take mpa with a lot boses in 1 time, and if FI have war cry lv10 ,FI win

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    Most interested in the Weapon Camos.

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    That first place costume is pretty cool concept wise... and ehn on delivery. JUST LIKE THIS GAME!

    Everyone should be a Dinian.

    Really tho? @ filler girl-only outfits that look like shit we already have...

    Well I said that the last 3 years.

    AYY. All you nillas days is numbered.

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    Gotta admit, the Dinian costume looks pretty cool so I'm happy it won. Looking forward to it.

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    >Heavy Hammer
    >get blow off by an Oodan

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