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    Default 10-4-16 Large Icons (Not everything yet but Amdu enemies and more)

    Here you go!

    Its weird there are two versions of the amdu quartz dragon, but they look the same. I'm assuming it has a rare form but it isn't shown by how the icons are.

    Here's the uncompressed version of the small icon sheets as well

    Edit: Here's the icon sheet from january. I'm reposting because its more relevant now It seems to have the uncleaned version of the icons and shows off items that haven't been displayed before. I think I have identified the amdu weapons in here, maybe you guys can help me find what might be the 12* armor.
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    Going to save my breath til the outfit comes out but looking at it I'm already going to forget about the disappointments of Weaponoid and Item Design Contest.

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    is someone diligently working on datamining the Pot's for the Gixx series and w/e the UQ Ama boss drops are?

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    those are sg scratch, but damn that 500 rdr

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    Why was this not put in the CD itself as an item code? It is the cover art for the 3rd vocal CD. Actually it might be a music disc for room music. I just thought it would be really neat to have her as a poster too.


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    Looks like we might be getting some nice AR camos

    Twin Assault TMG camo?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Skye-Fox713 View Post
    Looks like we might be getting some nice AR camos

    Aren't those just camo from Thai Ver PSO2? I thought they've always been there in the file?

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    In case people wanted to see ult amd enemies closer....

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