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    Default (Ship 02)Laelith's Shop

    My overflow shop of items for PSO2!
    All prices are subject to negotiation I will happily take offers!
    Please post here, or contact me in game my IGN is Laelith, or if you prefer contact me via Discord ClaireVailo#3506!

    These Items are not currently Listed in my shop on PSO2
    White Ribbon Socks & Gloves リボンソックス&手袋白
    From the Moonlight Bunny Scratch 2013
    Price: 1.6m


    Black Ribbon Socks & Gloves リボンソックス&手袋黒
    From the Moonlight Bunny Scratch 2013
    Price 2,800,000

    White Fingerless Gloves M 指ぬきグローブM 白
    From the Moonlight Bunny Scratch 2013
    Price: 800k

    White Ribbon Knee-Socks リボンニーソックス白
    From the Moonlight Bunny Scratch 2013
    Price: 1,700,000

    Black Ribbon Knee-Socks リボンニーソックス黒
    From the Moonlight Bunny Scratch 2013

    Orient Low Table C オリエントローテーブルC
    Price: 130k

    Futon C フトンC
    Price 350k

    Main Theme (EA) メインテーマ (EA)
    Music Disc for Your jukebox. EA#02 "Main Theme" Skies of Arcadia Main theme
    Price 1,400,000

    White Harvest *ホワイトハーベスト
    Talis Weapon Camouflage
    Price 280k

    Female C Extra Voice 40 女性C追加ボイス40
    Price: 1,800,000

    Gourd ひょうたん
    Price: 650k

    Casual Hanging Twin カジュアルたれツイン
    Price: 550k

    GH470 Ossoria Night GH470オッソリア夜
    Price: 550k

    Feeling Robe フィーリングローブ
    This color

    Price 300k

    These Items are Currently Listed in my shop on PSO2 so If they get bought their first sorry!
    Orient Theme/C オリエント・テーマ/C
    Price 6,695,000

    These Items are Currently In Zolga's Shop Please buy from him ingame! (hes meh hubbys) If you want to offer please contact Laelith as mentioned at the top of the post
    Evo Device Lillipa 進化デバイス/リリーパ
    Price: 23,000,000

    Foot Wing フットウィング
    Price: 6,000,000

    If I didn't post pictures and you need one to help you decide and can't find it lemme know!
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    I will be adding more Items soon!

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