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Thread: Nintendo Switch

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    Default Nintendo Switch


    Honestly the only reason I'd buy one is if they made a F-Zero or Metroid game for it.

    I'd rather buy a NES classic...

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    The only thing that attracts me is seeing Nintendo releasing all their games on a single system, specially the ability to play "typically" hand-held games on the TV, so hoping for either a 720p Sun/Moon or the next remake on the system.

    Other than that, watching the trailer I was like "ok, I have all those games but Mario, don't feel like buying them again but they seem to have extra content so I'm annoyed", but a few hours later Bethesda and 2K said "no confirmed x game on the system, they are only demos", so I expect all nintendo games in the trailers to be the same case and I'm like "time to wait for actual announcements with titles"

    My impressions is that the system will cannibalize 3DS, and provably Vita, with some wiiU level games, so in the long therm is not a bad deal for me.

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    I think they are doing at least what they need to do. People, these days, are rather cynical with any new hardware released. I do like the way the gimmick doesn't seem to get in the way of normal gaming yet gives you the choice to play it more ways. I'm also curious as to the Nvidia tech in a post GTX 1070/1080 world. What they know in terms of tech and power demands definitely is on another level to bring to the console space.

    I'm trying to look at this not from a Wii U perspective, as I believe a lot of people are flavored in terms of anything Nintendo could ever bring out, after the unsuccessful Wii U hardware numbers. I also believe this may eventually cannibalize 3ds, Vita, and Wii U to a degree. Frankly, I don't know what can get people that excited about any regular console after what we have now. Even the next PS4 and XBone isn't exactly getting any real excitement. So I figure a hybrid this well integrated and using tech that has the ability to jump its graphics just by adding more power to it (possibly with the cradle supplying more juice to drive higher resolution displays and effects, and then run in lower power mode as a portable. Known Nvidia tech.) is really the main thing going outside of connecting VR to existing units. So there are doubts due to today's console cynicism, and at the same time, that could also be this hybrid console's main advantage. I'm seeing some true, typical Nintendo-harsh critics, kind of coming around on this. That is, at least, a good sign for this system.
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    Just from personal observation: Nintendo has started the integration of both handheld and console platforms together with the GameCube and Gameboy Advance. Then it became more realized with the Wii U and its tablet-like controllers.

    The Switch is the next logical step.

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    I figured there would be more discussion generated by the reveal from several days ago.

    Well, my general thoughts are, it's interesting, but the leaks already went ahead and told what we needed to know prior to the release. All I see in the reveal is just fluff and not actual gameplay as witnessed when the woman took the tablet portion out of the dock and you can see that a corner of the"screen" is floating over her sleeve right above her elbow. In terms of processing power, I'll wait to see what it offers. The Wii U had great looking games on the system, but was underwhelming due to the naming convention confusing potential buyers. I liked the system and what it had to offer, but it needed something to make it stand out and the Switch certainly does that.

    As for cannibalizing the 3DS, that's a possibility, but I do recall there was mention that they'll keep the 3DS and the Switch separate. As for the Vita, Sony has already given it an early grave, as the last major promotional feature for the system was that it was possible to play PS4 games on it through a network and nothing else. Even Gravity Rush 2 is being developed only on PS4.
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    Atm, it doesnīt have the same drawing power for me as Wii U or Wii did.
    All the titles revealed seems pretty mediocre so far, Skyrim confused me a bit as i didnīt see the point of that even if itīs just for show.
    The Skyrim Remaster is around the corner so i think i rather put my attention there.

    But anyway, i wait and see.I really do like Hyrule Warriors (Legends) and Mario Maker so if they bait me with more of that then iīm all for it.
    Metroid would be ace, get to it Nintendoh.
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    third party support interests me the most, i go with whatever gimmick they do as long they have good games coming out for it. another smash would make me instantly buy it, i might stick with breathe of the wild on the wiiU for now

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    Seems like Nintendo was aiming to do it all wrong in the final weeks, expensive accessories and games (in europe at least, wiiU games were priced between 35-50, switch games are priced at 60), still no word about transferring virtual console games from wiiU/3DS to the, once more, new account ID, controller sync problems reported when obstructed at certain distances, zelda's season pass announced before launch, online chat not included on the system and managed through a mobile app, and also subscription to play online (starting at fall), that will "rent" you nes and snes roms for one single month (no price announced yet). Even with all of this, and provably more I'm forgetting, I'm still going to be an early adopter for the new console, can't wait to receive it tomorrow and lick zelda's cartridge. Anyone in the same boat?

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    Waiting on getting one. Earlier when I was out, people were preparing to endure the final 9 hours at a GameStop for 4 measly extras that's being sold as first come, first serve.

    Breath of the Wild looks nice, but I still have a Wii U, probably won't be getting one until a few months down the line when it becomes more readily available, unless it follows how the Wii availability, a couple of years.
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    Played BOTW in a store the other day... and my god, it's amazing. If the Switch can do more than just Zelda and Mario Kart, then maybe it's worth picking one up.

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