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    Default Next Update (Video) 11/24/2016




    - The Gathering system will now support the areas Shironia and Sub Tunnels.

    - New Skill Rings

    - Special Ability Factors

    Essentially, getting a new-type weapon up to +35 will unlock a special ability on it. This ability can be transferred in the regular affixing process with a 100% chance of success. Now we don’t yet know all the nuances of this upcoming system but here’s what I can gather from just looking at it:

    These are only available on +35 NT weapons.
    (Shown weapons are at least 11* rarity, but it may be available for weapons of all rarities…)

    The usual rules of affixing seem to apply. You’ll still need to have your fodder items with an equal or greater number of slots than your target item.

    The target item’s own special affix counts towards the system, giving you a total of 6 potential high-end affixes you can slot at once.

    Each weapon has its own unique ability.
    Ray Sword gets Astral Soul at +35.
    D-AIS Saber gets Spirita V at +35
    The other weapons are unknown as the trailer skips through. Can’t even hazard a guess as there’s no guarantee they chose them in order and the affixes have shifted between the edit.
    Coat Edge Ver2, DaisyChain NT, Sega Shield and “幻創艦砲甲” (I can’t interpret this one) grant access to Power V, Stamina V, Alter Arma and Spirita Alpha.

    While all are at 100%, presumably the same rules apply for up-slotting


    - New Solo Extreme Quest that requires 1 Extreme Pass.
    (Enemies will mainly consist of those introduced since Episode 4)

    - EP4 Chapter 6 "Create Dark Phantoms" (闇の幻創)
    (Hitsugi finally come face to face with Kohri! Will Hitsugi be able to save her!?)
    (Phantoms with Darker characteristics will appear within the Story Quest)

    - Annette from PSO2es will appear in the lobby!
    (Do the client orders and receive her Partner Card)
    (She will also host the Annete exchange shop for a limited time)

    - New (Scratch) - Brilliant Winter (ブリリアントウィンター)
    (Contains Annette’s costume, layered Jackets and Trench Coats, and a Japanese style Lolita outfit)

    - Now it will be possible to reveal several [?Special Weapons] at one time in the Appraisal Shop.
    - Added an “Auto-Type” control option for Ride Roids.
    - Control Settings now contain a [Weapon Actions] entry for 3-btn types
    -Added new lobby actions for Victory Poses.
    - Added an “All Weapon” (全ての武器) My Shop Search option for both NT & OT weapons.
    - You can now type in a name upon registering a My Fashion preset.
    - Achieving 100% on your Collection File displays the message “GET,” instead of “100%.”
    - You can transfer to the bridge when Xiera contacts you.
    - Add new PSO2 weaponoid potentials.
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    They just fucked me for only going to 60 element on my Ray weapons. Damn...

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    So with the +35 affix is like adding astral soul to the affix pool from your weapon?
    Can't we all just get along?

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    I wonder if you get the factor bonus on the +35 weapon or is it only for affixing?

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    it's only for affixing

    I see Special Ability Factors as a means to keep the hardcore grinders interested in still running collection-file related content after they have already gotten what they came there for.

    Pages like this one: usually have some Good Stuff not covered in the video
    Combat balance adjustment

    Combat balance adjustment of Summoner

    In combat balance Summoner, make the following adjustments.

    Class skills "point assist" and in the "support fire", adding the character itself to the subject of the effect of damage is increased.
    Change the class skills "subclass Grow up" to the initial learning skills.
    ※ If you have already mastered this skill, that amount of skill points than that at the time of this update is applied, it will be reduced as unused skill points.
    △ to the top of the page
    Gathering adjustment

    In the gathering, make the following adjustments.

    Combo number of relaxation and the upward revision of the Fever the probability of occurrence of up to Fever confirmed.
    Uprooted revised upward the combo number to be added by the bonus.
    Adjusted so as to be less likely to wince in the action of the "collection", "fishing".
    In the "fishing", adjust the display timing of the circle.
    Gathering related mitigate the material number that is required to achieve the client order.
    In the daily order, along with the addition of a new order on the Gathering, increase the number of orders that are presented for each day.
    △ to the top of the page
    Prolong the effect time of some cuisine

    In the following "food" items, to extend the duration to 30 minutes.

    Stir-fried meat vegetables
    △ to the top of the page
    Rarity ★ 13 upward revision of the parameters that are set at the time of weapons of drop

    Rarity ★ 13 in item drop weapons, make the following changes to the value that is set by random.

    Change max attribute value applied from 50 to 60.
    Miocene weapon, change to drop in a state in which the upper limit of the strengthening value has been extended to the "+ 31 to + 34".
    ※ When reward item drop due to collect files, will be outside the scope of the adjustment.

    ※ The image is under development.
    Congrats Summoner, you are now as good of a subclass as Average Stance Braver without Attack Advance.

    it sounds like those gathering buffs will really help ensure you can get a Fever off of 100 Fishing Stamina
    People might at least use Jerky now, since it lasts for half an hour, gives +50 HP and +5 PP, and only needs Red Meat to make!

    Newtype 13* weapons dropping with +31 to +34 already unlocked sounds like a nice boost too!

    EDIT: Here is some more stuff via google translate on the page source code

    Quest cleared by also earn title, also you can create effects with skill ring with items that fall into the hands in clear reward! Aim the domination all the stages tempered character!
    In order to play this quest, Extreme path is required one.
    In addition, it delivered Extreme quest "Dokukyoku training: celestial poles and Chikyoku" For also, need extreme number of paths is relaxed to one from the five together.
    Still unsure what the Class rings will do, maybe it will vary by class ring?

    also great news for anybody who is too new to the game to know how to 1v1 knight gear / dragon EX / diabo+ringahda I suppose
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    Wait, so if Point Assist now affects yourself, does that mean you could stack Weak Bullet and Point Assist?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Altiea View Post
    Wait, so if Point Assist now affects yourself, does that mean you could stack Weak Bullet and Point Assist?
    You can technically already do that. This change honestly doesn't add much unless they're adding tacts with higher T-atk or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zyrusticae View Post
    They just fucked me for only going to 60 element on my Ray weapons. Damn...
    sure hope you didnt do this for gix too, thats why u +35 anyways. meanwhile i can astral about most wep types now <3

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    I'm imagining there's money to be made in +35 grinding weapons now. As long as the cost of getting to +35 is less than what you can sell it for.
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    It seems like the new Solo XQ is another attempt at trying to please the core crowd while going over board with "difficulty". They really need to learn to find that right balance, and this isn't it, just like PD wasn't it ._.;

    Though I have a bad feeling they saw a surge in money via scrape dolls from the heaven and hell XQ and decided to push a rather brutal one on people again to get them to throw scrapedolls down.

    Still, we need to wait and see. Might not be too bad. They do have a habit of hamming up the difficulty for everything so they might actually be just right.

    Edit: One good thing I feel is making V stat boosts more accessible, though, that really should of been on units ._. But it's a start.

    Edit 2: While I still think it's a bit unnecessary, I do kind of get why they would make astral soul, despite these being for weapons, obtainable through this method. It's really just way too much work to put it on a weapon for very little gain... The HP boost is about the only major boost. So yeah, the extra PP, HP, and defense will definitely be more worth while for it to be on a weapon with a cheaper and less RNG alternative.
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