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    Quote Originally Posted by Xaeris View Post
    Oh, the ribbon outfit from Nova finally made its way here. I'm more interested in the magenta colored outfit in the trailer though.
    It looks like a pimp coat.

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    With that kind of gameplay, the battle arena feels like it'll die the first week it comes out.

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    yeah I didn't expect it to be good

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    PvP HYPE. Kreygasm

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    If it was "good", then people would start thinking PvP is the only relevant thing in the game. You don't want those type of people, and neither does the dev team.

    Anyway, Step JA Combo is gonna be great. Speeds up JB gameplay and probably allows you to loop step JA -> directional photon blades on the ground.

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    I play on PSO2 Ship 2 and my character is Cryska, feel free to send a friend request. PSO2 Ship2 キャラ名「Cryska」未プレイ時は基本的にロビークエストカウンター横に座ってます。見かけましたらお 気軽にフレ登録どうぞ。[Twitter: @maiilsonmoraiis]

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    Oh what's this about a RINA themed Unit? Sega didn't forget the Anime?

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    >Early Spring
    >Limited-time Solo Emergency Quest

    Well, that's new.

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    Fyi, present Keyword is サンタさんプレゼントちょうだい

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