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    Default Unit crafting mats chart (of sorts)

    so, yeah... don't know if this has been done or not, but been getting bugged left and right about it.

    Here's the excel sheet for your Unit crafting.

    pso2- BlueOwl
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    Looks cool, but how about using google docs or something?

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    point accepted, but there's the Microsoft verse Google. The filter table that i have for sheet 8 doesn't work on google... in fact, nothing is showing as i look on it with google. I already noticed several spelling errors I have done too, of which i can blame on the fact that I couldn't get sleep 4 am in the morning. But despite all of that, i doubt there really will be any necessary needed changes to it. And it may eventually be forgotten since the coming of 12* units of which you can't craft. I predict that down the road there will be 13* units and once they start coming out, crafting units and weapons will be pretty much obsolete. PA, tech, and timed abilities will pretty much be the only crafting by then.

    I am open for suggestions if you want to have it elsewhere.
    BlueOwl - Ship 6: Ken
    BlueOwlRest - youtube/twitch

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