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    Default [Ship 2] S> Rikauteri +40 170/12 6s 90m

    Up in my shop @ 80m.
    Guranz Soul, Latan Fever, Flict Magia, Modulator, Technique 4, Elegant Technique

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    PSO2/es ID: BlakLanner
    Aenaenon - Te/Su (All classes 75)

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    Price dropped to 85m
    PSO2/es ID: BlakLanner
    Aenaenon - Te/Su (All classes 75)

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    Price dropped to 80m
    PSO2/es ID: BlakLanner
    Aenaenon - Te/Su (All classes 75)

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    Damn, that's literally one broken-tier affixed Rikauteri that you have there, BlakLanner! The only saving grace my Rikauteri has over yours is that it's 50-element ice opposed to 30-element wind. However, that 170 TATK/12 PP affix setup of yours annihilates my 70 TATK/ 14 PP setup!

    All for all, that's beyond my budget, so I wish the best of luck on selling your bow~
    BraverBoyZ5 (Ship 02: Ur)

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    Sub Class: Lv. 75 Braver

    Other Classes: Lv. 75 Hunter, Fighter, Ranger, Gunner, Force, Bouncer, and Summoner.

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