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    Default New Effort Ring(?) Datamined, "Co"

    So I was looking through the update a bit more detailed today and I noticed a change in the rings so I looked through it to see what new rings we got and to my surprise we got a new effort ring.

    In January's update after ring_SpecialEffectSu (Effort ring for summoner, every other ring is ring_SpecialEffect(classname) ) it moves ontoTecArtsJAPPSave ring.

    However in February's update wee got a new ring under a similar title called ring_SpecialEffectCo

    Unfortunately all rings are labeled as an "Effort Symbol" so no name from that, but I think this is a step forward at least. That is if this is an effort ring like all the other "SpecialEffect" rings.
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    Next class gonna be what? Commando?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZerotakerZX View Post
    Next class gonna be what? Commnado?
    Or Coward ?
    Quote Originally Posted by GHNeko View Post
    oh boy cant wait for this class to be op on release and for everyone and their mom to run only this class for a week and failing all the EQs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poyonche View Post
    Or Coward ?
    Or cowboy! Or just cow. I like cows.

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    Commander? You command an army of Marons pets?
    >Heavy Hammer
    >get blow off by an Oodan

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    With episode 4 ending this spring, I wouldn't be too surprised to find data about ep5 or a new class.

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    Coroner, for sega's naming sense.

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    Or it could be "Client Order" :l

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    Client Order based on a commando from Sega's coroner that acts like a coward cowboy riding a cow. Oh geez I'm drunk again. Where am I?

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    isn't that the new ring for Itsuki's White Valentine CO? someting to do with Gunslash

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