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    Question Looking for ways to get the most of my game

    I've had a copy of PSZ for a couple years, but I haven't played until recently. Unfortunately, online is dead, and I have no other friends with the game, leaving me with only the offline story. I would love to know if there is any part of the game I should thoroughly understand before fully diving into the experience. Any tips or tricks would be great. Thanks!

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    Get an Action Replay, look up altwfc and then let's do some runs together! I know there are at least two other people on here wanting to play again so let's make it happen!

    I have lvl 65 HUcaseal but happy to start again with new chara.

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    Do I need the Action Replay cable or do I just need the cartridge? Do I also need a ROM of the game? I have a physical copy of the game and a local retro store has the Action Replay but no cable and I wanted to know if that would be good enough to connect online.

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    You shouldn't need the cable. To get the AR code you need to download a ROM of the game you wish to patch, in this case PS0, and run it in a Windows app which will give you the AR code you need for the game to connect to Altwfc server. You will also need to change some of the connection settings.

    Full instructions can be found here:

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    Nice, I just bought the AR and will be trying to get online tonight!

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    Unfortunately the AR I bought is not working. I'm considering buying a r4 card. Any recommendations on where to buy?

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    No idea, sorry. I use CycloDS. And I don't know where to get them either!

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    I was able to reset the AR and it works!!! I followed the instructions to connect to the atlwfc server but I get an error after I choose either "Free Play" or "Play Alone". Maybe because there is no one else playing? Please let me know if and when you are interested in playing.

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    Hmmm... not sure you should get that. I can connect no problems to both those modes with no one else online.

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