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    I know it's a long shot. I will try anyway to see if anyone can help me in this situation now.

    I'm in a predicament where my email for my PSO2 account has been stolen and I can no longer get emails to log onto my account with verification, I know it seems impossible to change my email ( I can use my Sega ID still on the website). I don't really want to have to start again on my character as it was 75 main and sub with millions of Meseta and over 800 hours of play time on this character alone.

    I'm not even sure how this account was taken as I've got 3 main emails I use everyday and only entered this one to log in on Sega that was it and didn't use for anything else at all. They changed the bounce back email to send the recovery to my main email to xx***** and something with .SK which is Slovakian for some bizarre reason...

    Thanks for reading guys, I really want to get back into PSO2 again with this character if I can't get this back then I guess its 1 less for the community as I don't think I will be putting anymore time into the game after this unless I can get my character back.


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    I wish I could help you with this one, but I've hardly had any issues like this one. This is what happens when you don't invest in using Two-Factor Authentication.
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    Do you happen to have an alternate email reference for that email? Because if you do, maybe you can contact microsoft to recover it.

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