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    Default Just came back. Secure OTP question

    So I just came back and read that secure OTP stopped being supported. I can log into the game fine, but trying to log into my account on the sega ID website send me to an error page with the following google-translated text:

    One Time Password Authentication
    Customer "SecureOTP" has set the SEGA ID service has been terminated. 
    ◆ Notification of SEGA ID charge settlement and administration page authentication completion "SecureOTP" compliance termination Currently, logging in to the management page with
    this SEGA ID has been suspended . 
    Please check the 
    following "Frequently Asked Questions" and ask for SEGA ID support inquiries and request to stop "SecureOTP". 
    ◆ FAQ 
    [SEGA ID] not be able to log in to the billing and management page remain registered the "SecureOTP"
    If it is the inquiry the ※ FAQ of the above without being over, 
    your time in the corresponding than usual Please be sure to check it as it may be.
    What am I supposed to do here?
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    Secure OTP was dropped last year, so you need to switch to Google Authenticator.
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    Since you left SecureOTP on the account when it was completely dropped in September of last year, you need to send an e-mail into Sega Support asking them to strip out the Secure OTP from your account. Unlike most other requests, this isn't related exclusively to PSO2, and you'll have a much better chance of getting that request fulfilled.

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