I will try my best to explain this well.

I recently bought a new monitor and now at seeming random intervals my PC would randomly crash. The BSoD that comes after is all garbled so I cant read any error messages. At one point it went a few days without crashing then crashed in the middle of a PD trigger (Woe is me).

Now the weirdest part of all of this is that my old monitor never gave me any issues like this. So to test it I switched back to that one for awhile and everything worked great. So I thought it had something to do with power delivery so I bought a new PSU. hoping that would fix my issues but it hasn't.

This only seems to happen on PSO2. Anything else I do or play I can do for as long as I want without any issues.

Ive tried disabling Free sync and limiting the FPS to 60.
Playing at 1600x900 like the old monitor
Using full screen mode and not alt tabbing.

A little awhile ago I fully uninstalled all the display drivers in safe mode and reinstalled them all. I dont know if it fixed anything yet so while waited I just wondered did anyone else have the these issues?

Hardware specs.
Intel Core i5 4690K
AMD Radeon R9 390
750 Watt PSU
No running any OCs