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    Default Your Favorite Raid Boss!

    With Deus ESC-A out, pretty much all of the raid bosses for this Episode are out! Except for whatever that boosted raid boss is that they're teasing on the road map. Across the entire game so far,

    What's your favorite raid boss?
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    Dark Falz Loser is my favorite by far. I really like the design of the boss, and the fight mechanics are pretty neat. Too bad it's pretty much irrelevant now.

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    I would put the raid booses impressions i had in 2 categories : 1st run impression, and "In the long run" impression

    As for 1st impression, my favorite was Loser when it came out, and i haven't seen any other raid bosses since then that gave me such a feeling of "ultimate/final" battle than this one, maybe Magatsu, i know he gave me a very good impression the first time.
    As for in the long run, though Loser could have a spot there, i would put Magatsu, wether it was the 1st version without AIS but tremendous HP or new version with HP/3 and the AIS part, it's an EQ i always enjoy doing especially the AIS part, and barely got fed up by it.

    It's honestly hard for me to only have one favorite, i tend to have multiple favorite i put at 1st place , so my favorites are : Loser and Magatsu mainly

    Also, uploading some PSO2 musics on Youtube when i got enough time to do it, i might have what you're looking for :

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    If I were to rank them.

    1. Magatsu - A better god than Deus Esca.
    2. Luther - Best NPC.
    3. Yamato - A.I.S battle was really fun the first time I did it. YMT!!!
    4. Profound Darkness - Not last boss.
    5. Mother - Hated rideroid. Recycled Falz designs. Nothing personal against Mother.
    6. Deus Esca - Too overly designed and the screeching voice in his final form is a no.
    7. Elder - No comment.
    8. Apprentice - Meh, so when do we get to fight her flying moth form?
    9. Double - I hate Double

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    Only really like Loser and PD. Rest are either boring or annoying.

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    1) Mother, rideroid timewaster aside.
    2) Apprentice
    3) Yamato
    4) Loser/Luther
    5) Magatsu
    6) Elder
    7) Double + PD
    8 ) Deus

    Not a fan of "you can only hit this glowing spot to do some damage". Screams of lazy design to me. Moreso when you can be waiting for ages just to do damage again. Double + PD would be higher if not for double being the start of that nonsense. Also not a fan of forced cutscenes. Deus ticks off all my dislikes in one EQ. Very cinematic, but that's about it.

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    1. Yamato
    2. Deus
    3. Profound Darkness
    4. Luther
    5. Magatsu
    ID: Maks

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    My Top 3:

    1. Loser
    2. Magatsu Phase 1
    3. Deus Esca

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    Slightly edited after I gave it some consideration:

    1. Loser - great aesthetics, great battle mechanics, too bad the fight is a cakewalk now (but even now people can make it harder for themselves than it needs to be)
    2. PD + Double - really has that final boss feel, and yes I count the two together because you always fight them both as a single quest
    3. Deus - very grandiose, the last phase feels really exciting

    4. Yamato - easy and a real no-brainer once you know what to do, but the presentation of the fight is cool
    5. Mother - on one hand the fight is pretty technical so between cubes and Mom's flailing in the last phase it offers a decent challenge, on the other it just doesn't feel satisfying somehow; I don't mind the rideroid section though, it's fine with me
    6. Magatsu - not really a boss fight per se, just a damage check with a moderately hard to reach target and environmental dangers to dodge every once in a while, Maggy itself is a good design but the quest is just learning the pattern and then executing it

    7. Elder - I've put him on the very bottom first but that was a bit unfair, after all it's the first real boss the game used to have and really felt like it back in the day - but nevertheless, the fight is just really basic and simple nowadays
    8. Apprentice - once again not really a boss fight but everyone brings her up anyway, just slam the core (and then the big black penis) with your AI's sword, if the MPA is decent you'll win, if not you lose, boring
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    1. Magatsu: No boss reveal trailer will ever get me as hyped as I did when I saw Magatsu's trailer. I remember staying up super late to watch the livestream, and just when I though it was over, they showed Ultimate Naberius, and I was like "meh, looks cool" and then... Magatsu showed up, and I instantly was like "Whooooaaaaaa!!!!". Same thing with the Magatsu-Sai trailer. The music is still hype, the boss design is cool as heck, and the quest is still fun.

    2. Deus Esca: Playing Deus for the first time today, I was totally in awe at everything in the quest. The cutscenes are great, the boss design is flashy and gaudy, and just the intensity of the final phase is what makes it so good. The music could've been better (the only section that I truly like is the one that plays in Phase 3 and the Whole New World remix), but otherwise, it's phenomenal, imo.

    3. Dark Falz Loser: All I can say is that 1) the music is great, 2) the design is great, and 3) the first couple of months after it's release when nearly everyone continuously failed the quest>>>>>>>

    4. ESCA Mother Falz: Absolutely love the music, and the first phase could've been so much better, even though I still liked it. Second Phase is decent but way too repetitive with the Falz Arms.

    5. Profound Darkness: Never really cared for PD. Music is alright, the battle itself is alright.

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