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    Default Obtaining PSO game client legally?

    Hi, I like playing older MMOs that have been kept alive by their fans like this one. I have PSO Ver. 2 for DC, but I would like to get hands on Blue Burst for the PC. Trouble is there may be legal issues if I go about it the wrong way. Since I intend to possibly do some gameplay videos on YouTube, it might be in my best interest to keep everything above board just in case.

    I know that there were some physical copies of the game made, but they seem to be very rare. It would probably be ideal, but unrealistic, to try and get my hands on one of them. In the absence of that, my only other option is to download the game.

    My question is this, when the game was still active and its client still being distributed by Sega, was Sega distributing it as a free download?

    If Sega was distributing the game client for free and simply charging for the subscription, via the hunter's license, then it may be the case that I can legally download the client from any source because it was free. I'd have to double check the law to be sure, but if someone could answer this question it would be quite helpful.

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    I know this is a few weeks late, so you've probably found your answers by now. But, just in case.

    1. SEGA did distribute the game as a free download.
    2. In case you haven't seen, there are hundred of gameplay videos of Blue Burst on YouTube, most of which were recorded on private servers. Trust me when I say that Sega doesn't care, and there is no chance whatsoever of you running into any legal issues at all. Download the game, play it, record your videos, and upload. Sleep soundly, repeat.
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    Strictly speaking, operating or using a private server is illegal (though an argument can be made for running a private server on your own LAN for "research" and "educational" purposes, thanks to a fairly recent DMCA exemption). It's worth observing, however, that Sega has a very relaxed attitude when it comes to their fans enjoying their products. When Nintendo sees a Pokémon fan game gaining popularity, they have their lawyers shut it down. When Sega sees a Sonic fan game gaining popularity, they hire the guy responsible, and have him make Sonic Mania.

    It's not really that they don't care. Ultimately, I think they'd prefer to have the private servers around to preserve the franchise's fan base at no genuine cost to them, than shut them down and let Phantasy Star fade into obscurity as a result. This way, then they finally get around to releasing a new Phantasy Star title in the West, there will still be someone interested in buying it. We get to play the game, they get to sell us stuff later. Win-Win.

    That's a theory, anyway. I can't possibly imagine that Sega doesn't know about Schthack, Tethealla or any of the other private servers out there. It's been going on for years, and people have been quite vocal about it. It's not a secret; Sega just isn't talking about it. In the mean time, I would advise you to pick a server and enjoy yourself. Maybe read a fanfic.

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    You can check some out on ebay for some copies of the actual discs, it's pricey but if you're a collector you might consider it.. Even I'm considering it haha

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    I still own my PSO GC Ep I & II game disc, with the code for it and all(though said code is useless since the online servers are gone), just need a GC lol.
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