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    Default Item Design Contest 2017 nominated works

    hi there, the 2017 nominated works for the item design contest are here

    (PD: yay, sega nominated my weapon camo, the design for the fire bracelets at the end of the 8th row is mine )
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    As usual, costumes are complete shit and just more of the same they always release. Jp have no imagination whatsoever.

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    I like the one pair of knuckles that look like full-arm augments. I'd like to check out some of the accessories and skin paints but I'm at work, and some of those look just risque enough to draw unwanted attention.
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    I still don't see a rifle + launcher camo...just great.

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    Oh lord, I hope they give us the "all weapons are invisible" camo.
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    Gratz on the nomination !!

    While the female part of most of the nominees is not really convincing, a lot of costumes designed for males look actually really cool and refreshing, and could def look good on girls too. Hoping one of them makes it for a good unisex costume !

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    thanks i was originally planing to design it for sword, WL and rod, but then they anuntiated Hero and i decided to better make it for the 3 weapons that hero can use because there is still not a single weapon came in game that covers sword, tmg and talis togueter

    seems though that i wasnt the only one who though that, there are a lot of nominated designs with the 3 weapons, i love the design of the little dragon weapon camo on row 16, and the dragon arms in row 18, and both cover all of hero weapons, the little dragon specially fits perfectly both with the class and setting of ep5
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    The Melon Suit looks pretty nifty. Melon needs some love, after all.
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    Ah, the time of the year when you get to drool over countless fantastic weapon and costume designs, then have your dreams shattered as Sega picks more wedding dresses, fetish gear, near identical clones of existing outfits, enemy suits, gag weapons, giant transforming rifles and edgy katana skins. God forbid we ever get any slightly more tomboyish female clothing.

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    Never thought I'd see so many entries I would care so little about.

    Shigure ship 2. Credit to agarwood for the picture!

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