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    Default Help with Bullet Bow Braver

    I want to try a bullet bow braver,but I don't really know how I'm supposed to go about doing things.First of all,is bullet bow even viable in SH-XQ difficulty?Clarification of the viablity of bullet bow and help with a skill tree build would really help.

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    It's "remove from palette" weapon, got hit too hard lat balance patch, without having any of its numerous problems fixed. But if you're feeling masochistic then Divine Raikou and Orbit bbow and craft Sharp Pomber type 0, and all BBow related skills with Ra sub. Also, there's braver thread, use it.

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    next time, use the braver thread for more information, altrought is more focused to katana since bow braver there not much to discuss

    the best subclass is ranger for damage but will force you on aiming weak spots (and can be a pain when you fight bosses who hidde their weak spots until you break some parts, like the boss on quarry exploration, blu rindagga).

    this is my suggested skill tree:

    the best part is that you can change to RA/BR and still synergy pretty well. In a pinch use stun grenade/upper trap for pp fill

    craft sharp bomber since it will be your main PA for damage, it also have some invencibilities frames so you can dodge thing while attacking.

    there also you need a explanation of certain skills, for example when somebody mark a point whit a weak bullet, the target lock can be considered a weak spot, thus also activate weak stance, if you are still for a moment (1,7 seconds i think), you trigger standing snipe, the stance is still activated even when charge a PA and move afterward, but when the PA is finished the standing snipe go off

    howewer, standing snipe take a consideration your place on the map, you can be on mid-air and dont moving on any axis (launcher no just attack normal) and still triggering standing snipe. But if are still on something that moves, you cant trigger standing snipe

    the ussual bow combo is the chase arrow + banish arrow + sharp bomber, even whit the EP5 changes so try it when can.

    for more questions please place it here:

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    Using only bow is simply no good. I'd recommend going Br/Hu and main katana while using Bow as an auxilary weapon to hit for unreachable target or when you need a degree of precision that katana's wide range can't afford. Both Average and Fury stance should affect shooting damage, so it's not like there's no multiplier on your bow if you go that way.

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