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    Default normal mode and rares

    so a little backstory here i played pso on and off on gamecube from the time i was 10 till about 14 when i sold my gamecube never one time did i find anything more than a photon drop and mayb a add slot in normal mode... 3 days ago i bought myself a gamecube and a copy of pso being bored with blue burst and modern games i figured id take a trip down memory lane. at level 17 while doing a quest in mine 1 i found a fire scepter... i am a fomar with pinkal id. so just curious what are the odds of actualy finding a rare weapon in normal mode?

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    It's extremely rare, but possible to find rare drops on normal.

    Most times that I find a red box on normal; it's usually a photon drop or an armor slot. However, I have found various enemy parts and high end commons from time to time.

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    I agree that its exceedingly rare, and in the most part a complete waste! The rares in Normal mode are unremarkable, but i tell ya I got my first DB sabers and Varistas (all 30 of them) throughout normal and hard. Its worth finding some of the real goodies on any difficulty but you'll soon be thirsting for more and aim for the V.Hard and of course Ultimate levels...
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    According to the drop rates here, the drop rate for agni in normal mode is ~ 1/14k. Not everyone can say that they've gotten a rare weapon in normal, but I think you just used up all of your luck
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    You wont really find photon drops anyways iirc. I have been playing ever since it came out when I was like 4-5 years old and I've never really found that many photon drops, maybe I just had unfortunate luck, but it is what it is.

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