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    I did play the "basic" classes to test some of the nerfs/buffs and got stuck for a few times cause of their downtime in some parts. Only Braver katana and Fighter that I "feel" fast (still not as fast as Hero), but even they are stuck with positioning to perform their attacks (except Braver katana).

    I'm loving Hero as it is; it's a class I've dreamed of since episode 1. So I didn't play other classes much now. Even if there's a better advanced class, they may make me feel like getting a Summoner Maron before eps 5 or Fo/Te, just because they're useful but not as my favorite. Hopefully the feel of speed is the same for upcoming advanced class, or at least focuses on damage burst or heavy support effects if they are slow.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tymek View Post
    It's annoying how slow the other classes are, compared to Hero.
    Too sloww.. or Hero is just that fast. It's best to say Hero is too fast that we need new advanced classes to be as fast! c: *hype*

    Quote Originally Posted by Anduril View Post
    I've ended up just getting most of my characters to at least Hero lv50 just to be able to shave off 10 minutes from my usual TACO runs due to the overall speed of the class.
    We are taking the same path! All 7 of mine has converted to Hero (1 main and 6 TACO only) and creating other 7 for TACO, just because it's so easy to make. It only takes a few hours to finish the new char alone thanks to Buster Quest (I was pessimistic since eps 1~4 was gone, but it wasn't that bad), opening maps are much much faster, etc.

    For TAXQ, not only we just need Hero lv 50, but it doesn't even need a mag (or mag lv 100 + yulius N at most) and doesn't even need drink (don't need to deal with those items for Lola's CO and significantly cut the downtime of taking drinks during each TA quest).
    My alts were 75/49 fo/te, drink matters, and a single mistake can count up many seconds cause of extra PP required to recover, which may lead the enemies to change position while recovering with whatever methods (Queen Vera, Orbit, casting PP convert, etc.).
    With Hero, this isn't a problem cause we can just simply slash with the sword normal attack or do sword weapon action for any missing enemies. Such an ezy life.
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    Yeah I have pretty much lost interest in any of the other classes because going back to them feels so much slower than when I play hero. I used the exp buff from the limited quests to boost all my characters to 55 hero and am so glad I did that because it makes the TACO process so much quicker than with Fo/Te.

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    Strangely i feel like my input complexity actually goes down as Hero. The class doesn't have a lot of variety in attacks. With Ice Fo i can predict and set lingering Gibartas and Rabartas that kill rather than DoT, with Gu I can raise AoE and long range DPS by planning for S Charge Heel Stab with the right positioning. Hero only really has precharged Lv3 ki bullet for that. Everything else is press button, get forward single target or 360 AoE. It actually feels kind of boring to play!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Selphea View Post
    With Ice Fo i can predict and set lingering Gibartas and Rabartas that kill rather than DoT
    You're oneshotting bosses with Gibarta and Rabarta?

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    Well, i'm a different kind of being in this case, as i created a 5th char specially for hero, then once in got it to lvl80 (a bit before the LQs disappeared), i got back to the other 4 chars with their respective classes (Hu/Fi, Ra/Hu, Fo/Te and Br/Ra bow). Since i basically have played Hero for less than 2 consecutive weeks, getting back to the others class playstyles wasn't hard at all, also, i haven't made any of those 4 other chars Hero not even for TACO purposes lol.

    So basically, despite the more dynamic playstyle of Hero, i actually went back to the other classes (barely touched Hero since BQ came out) but that's mostly because i liked their playstyle already, and wasn't seeing myself trading any of those 4 for Hero (thus created a 5th char for that) and in the end, well, it's only gonna be a matter of which playstyle i'll be in the mood to take in the future, currently using bow a lot though (it also ended up to be the only char able to do Advanced BQ lol).

    I like how Hero plays so the 5th char will stay Hero, but for me when it becomes like a cheat mode, i can only enjoy that periodically no matter how fun it is, so it can't be my main playstyle either. So i guess i can be considered as the "anti-hero" of the ARKS xD (nothing against the class in itself just not converting to it as the only class i'll play), classes aren't only a matter of fun for me but also self-enrichment and sticking to one class only would be the opposite of that especially with its low effort playstyle lol

    Also, uploading some PSO2 musics on Youtube when i got enough time to do it, i might have what you're looking for :

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    no kidding regarding the slowdowns, now I only play other classes if I need to level them up.

    I really wish SEGA would release the other advance classes at the same time, like they did on Fighter, Gunner, and Techer, so at least we have a total of 4 advance classes.
    Hero would be the all-around noob friendly class, while the other 3 new advance class would focus on melee, range, and tech seperately with the requirements is to level 80 a certain class type.

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    Two of my 3 characters are lvl80 Hero now the 3rd is going the same way. Like it was said before Hr is pure bliss for TA xD While I play mostely Hr now, I happen to go back to some old class I like (Gu, Br, Fo and Su). Played for fun Bo and Fi and ... it was like driving a truck while you was used to travel in sports car. I hate myself to have skiped Zeinesis sword CF for so long. I wasn't enjoying enough Hu for getting sword early so it was very low into my 'must get' list. Now I find myself trying to catch up wasted time and obviously Deus isn't as much scheduled as before. Fml
    I'm still worried about how things will go until we get the next advanced class. I'm not sure it's a positive thin to have mpas made of a single class which melt everything x)

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    Yeah, with the advent of Hero, I only play two classes now: Hero or Ranger.

    Hybrid Braver's too weak, bow's basically dead, katana's AoE attacks are inferior to Brighness End; Hunter and Fighter are too slow to keep up with Hero's speed; bouncer's meh... (don't really play Gu, don't touch Fo or Te or Su).

    I dunno man... truth be told, I'm kind of disappointed with the changes in EP5.

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    I don't feel it as much with Katana Braver because it at least has Guren. But with Gu...oh boy. I just try to bear with it.

    Not really holding my breath that they'll make other classes as fluid as Hero. But now when I look at the character stats screen, I can see that PAs are also divided into two segments: one for regular PAs and one for Advanced Classes. Kind of tells you they'll be a thing for years to come.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kondibon View Post
    You're oneshotting bosses with Gibarta and Rabarta?
    Why would i use Gibarta and Rabarta on bosses in the first place! I mean goblins, undead, orcs, tauren etc.

    Right now the trending content is BQ, Yamato and a bit of Beach Wars anyway. All mob heavy, the next raid boss is a while off no?

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