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    Default It's Time To Say Goodbye, PSO2 & PSOW, I Wish You Guys Well

    After seeing JCry go, I believe it’s time to for me to go as well with no regrets due to real life reasons; it’s time for me to get serious about my career and fulfilling my lifelong dreams (I’m still single so thank God).

    My main character was “Yang” on Ship 7. My PSO2 runtime is 12,000 hours, and I have been playing this game for years when there was no such thing as subclasses and Vol Dragon was nightmare for Hunter newbies; I think I started when Tunnels was the new thing, can't really remember. And yeah, I also spent A LOT of irl money on AC.

    Well, I’ve already gave over 170,000,000 meseta today to a random person on Ship 7, and sold all of my stuff for very cheap on my My Shop (instead of deleting them); stuff like a 7-slot weapon fodders with Ether Soul/Factor Catalyst/x/x/x/x/x or Mod/Flict affixes and over like 20 plus Nox+30 weapons, as well as costumes and tickets. Now my 3 characters are bound for deletion.

    I have also seen many good and informative people on PSOW come and go over the years and I’m thankful for their advice. I wish the community well, both in game and in real life with health, wealth, and abundance. Finally, I want to shout out to these very cool people who have been very helpful on PSOW, thanks, man:

    TaigaUC (who quit PSOW a long time ago, but wrote terrific guides back then)
    Bellion (Not sure where he’s gone to)
    Maninbluejumpsuit (gave me some advice on Braver a long time ago)

    And others… like Altiea who I see helps others quite frequently… and I’m sure I’m forgetting some more people.

    But yeah, take care PSOW, and thanks for being so helpful all these years, I really appreciate it.

    Peace out!

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    I'm not cool or helpful at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kondibon View Post
    I'm not cool or helpful at all.
    I disagree.

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    Hope things go well for you in the future!

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    I feel ya man. Sega has been handling this game so bad since ep4 for me (run-limit eq, sg, ridgeroids, earth maps in general are super boring, and the unbalanced PvP) and with ep5 doing some wierdo medieval theme with hero being blatantly broken i just don't have any incentive to log-on anymore. I basically semi-quited months ago. With 4.3K hrs i got my moneys worth for sure.

    And damn it feels good to not care anymore about muh dps and muh whatever else I still visit this site every now and then to watch the occasional pso-w royal rumble go down. Although i'm not deleting my stuff just in case i ever get the urge to log on and play left-click for massive damage class. Good luck to ya bud.
    Quote Originally Posted by FireswordRus View Post
    But if u take mpa with a lot boses in 1 time, and if FI have war cry lv10 ,FI win

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    I still browse around here occasionally but my overall interest in PSO2 has dwindled so I've nothing to post at least until I see some grand update that will captivate me. Glad to know that I've been helpful in some manner. Good luck with everything and farewell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yoshiblue View Post
    I disagree.

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    smell you later nerd
    P S O W
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    See you, have a good life, etc!

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