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    Default Phantasy Star Zero For DS?

    Well ive seen the pictures
    and it looks amazing. But i have some questions
    Do you think you will have to pay to play online?
    because i don't think the Ds has anything like that does it?
    I'll be well gutted if you have to pay for it
    also does anyone know what the classes are gonna be?
    it says 3 species... Cast, newman and human
    but it says 12 classes, Fo, Hu, Ra? what else can there be
    i also hope the character customization is good.
    let me know what you think

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    Phantasy Star 0 is actually quite good; despite the small amount of content that the game provides. If you have played PSO; then starting 0 will be easy as much of the mechanics are similar.

    There are 14 classes in 0 (Humarl & Nunewn being the 2 new classes)

    The online aspects of the game was free to play; however Nintendo shut the official service a few years back. However I believe there is a hack that will allow you to still play online. This requires a use of an AR device which can be hard to find.

    If you have any questions: please post then in the appropriate area.

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