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    Default Next Update (Video) 11/22/2017

    I play on Ship 2 and my character's name is Cryska, feel free to send a friend request. PSO2 Ship2 キャラ名「Cryska」未プレイ時は基本的にロビークエストカウンター横に座ってます。見かけましたらお 気軽にフレ登録どうぞ。[Twitter: @maiilsonmoraiis]

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    Hooray for minor updates!
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    More interested in the live broadcast that will come to day before.

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    Those visors look way more interesting than the outfits in the last buster shop.

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    All I want is the new waiting pose and a not-oversized sword camo.
    I'm still rather salty the saber from the last collab (whatever that game even was) was not also a sword camo.

    Btw, where is that music from in the trailer? After the ninja gaiden stuff.
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    kasumi outfit is a GO!

    Edit: And the waiting pose yes.
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    That's a nice cover from the NES Ninja Gaiden soundtrack. I didn't notice before (or couldn't hear it).

    Edit: I underestimated how nostalgic Sega is if they would go that far back for their Dead or Alive collab.
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    Collab is for DOA, but music from NG. Fuck logic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZerotakerZX View Post
    Collab is for DOA, but music from NG. Fuck logic.
    After some googling is seems this version of the song Unbreakable Determination is actual Ryu Hyabusa's theme from Warriors Orochi 3. So, I'm pretty sure this is what KOEI Tecmo sent them to use if I had to guess.

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    For once I'm actually interested in nearly all of the costumes and parts.
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