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    Red shine rear + crafted double is very nice if you ask me.

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    I find Weila/Evleda+ Qliphad+ Izane/Zein the best/more relevantt 12* build for something balanced. These combo are what my S and R atk characters use. Can't live without step jump and air reversal. Add to this jumping dodge for Gu. Those 3 are super time savers and helps to play more agressivily due to less down time. Stuck with Austere + 12* legs for T atk tho :/

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    for s-atk attack it would be like: red shine, deadleon arm, qliph leg

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    I don't really understand why People are recommanding Red/Shine. It's pretty trash. It has the biggest attack boost but it's not like 40 atk is going to matter more than 10+ PP and/or 100+HP.
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    I imagine because you can work towards it rather than depend on RNG.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arada View Post
    I don't really understand why People are recommanding Red/Shine. It's pretty trash. It has the biggest attack boost but it's not like 40 atk is going to matter more than 10+ PP and/or 100+HP.
    Defense is pretty good (not too low) ...... 3% S/R/T Resist is good enough ....... You can also affix more HP / PP than attack (cheaper) on the unit itself, extra attack from base unit could cover atk loss in affix, so, about the same as other ★12 unit.

    And, as above poster said, can be obtained without RNG. Took maybe 6 hours, I think? Obtainable in 1 day if Arena have players in it.
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    Well like TheIrregular said, Rear Shine Red is nice with the Double set crafted

    for PP : 120hp / 40pp / 80 atk
    for HP : 320hp / 20pp / 80 atk

    (i don't remember the bonus of the third special craft)

    But i won't pick Rear Shine red in a full 12s set - except maybe for :

    - Hero, because an all atk affix is a bit expensive
    - TE/HU, who doesn't need a lot of HP and PP and have benefit of both s/t atk
    - Qliphad users, the affix x2 on the weapon hide the lack of HP/PP of the rear, so why not
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    shine red's got good defensive stats, and it's a bit cheaper to affix on some extra HP and/or PP; if you think of the unit along the lines of "its got +40 all atk, but it trades it's hp+pp bonuses for a free not-apprentice-soul" granted the closest thing you can really get to covering hp and pp in a single slot would be Elegant Stamina; which has gotten a lot more expensive since hero came along.

    anyway, it's nice to aim for a particular set, but ultimately you can only equip what you have in your inventory. stuff like shine red are more about being something you can actually work towards between deuses and other EQs

    the buster medal eveldas are simply highway robbery

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    If i may ask, because its fairly tricky to look up this stuff with a google search.
    Where can i obtain all these said units mentioned?
    shines red, kaiser, izane, etc. all those that were mentioned in the post mostly.

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    Kaiser set is just a common 11* drop from Deus ESC-A and can be bough from shop players for cheap. The same goes for its counterpart (Saiha set)
    Shine Red is an rear only 12* unit that you buy with pvp coins.
    Izane drops from Izane Kazuchi (the gold dog that sometimes appears on EQs).
    Evleda is the buster quest set.
    Zeinesis drops from Deus ESC-A and can be upgraded to Qliphad with Qliphad Fuses I guess (never bothered with this one, so I am not sure).

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