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    Default Other game reccomendations

    Any other mmorpg to recommend while waiting for PSO2 content to arrive ??

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    Off the top of my head,

    Star Trek Online
    Guild Wars II
    Final Fantasy XIV
    Blade n Soul
    EvE (?)
    Elder Scrolls Online

    Other stuff to include:
    Paladins: champions of the realm
    Phones games like Fire Emblem Heroes/Fate:GO/Animal Crossing/Kancolle/Azur Lane, ect.
    Xenoverse 2
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    What others.. checked Blade and Soul.. nahhh

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    Gotta get Call of Duty WW2!!!!

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    I suggest Warframe as well for having a superb sci-fi atmosphere and fun gameplay.
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    I was pleasantly surprised by Monster Hunter actually. Not as laborious or challenging as I first thought.

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