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    my cat is curled up in the crook of my left arm giving birth to kittens right now, she's delivered three, at least, thus far. The time is currently 2:42 in the morning. I'm only able to type with my right arm due to baby kittens and mom having claimed the other for the night. I'll need to be up for work in a few hours which is problematic.

    While I get to listen to newborns screaming for milk, someone might want to listen to this:

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    Two days ago. I finished a rough draft of the script for this project. Yesterday, I spaced the chapters out. Today, I ran a spell check. The rough draft is currently over three hundred pages long. That's not very long, for my writing, but whatever. I started writing the script on November 27th of last year, so it's been a bit of a process to reach this point. There were long periods where I didn't add anything to the story, but in the end, I think it turned out fairly well.

    That stated, I am going to admit up front that this far in, it's still probably going to be considered very early in the stages of development for this. I simply don't have a budget to make this into what I really wanted to see it as. I would love for it to be animated. That oosts a lot. I even though of having it animated like a South Park episode. That could happen, honestly, but I don't think doing that is going to give it the serious vibe I was hoping for. Oh, don't get me wrong, there is a lot of humor within the writing. Some of the subject matter is serious, though.

    I will be looking for some artwork to depict some of the characters within the script. There are a number of very talented artists here whom I'd love to get together with to see what could come from different character takes.

    Here's a short character list for those that appear in the script

    Pink Passion: Hunewearl

    Alaina: Fonewearl

    Lightning: Humar

    Otis: Ramar

    Tycho: Fomar

    Photon Drop: Hunewearl

    Zero DX: Humar

    Android 21: Hucast

    Tyrant Flame:. Humar

    ADE: Humar

    Adel: Fonewearl

    Hugo: Humar

    Schranko: Humar

    Madison: Fonewearl

    SNK: Hucaseal

    Blessed: Humar

    Zophar :Fomar

    Lee: Fonewm

    James: Humar

    Adam: RAcast

    Dark Shadow: HUcast

    Lightning: LIghtning's wife. Fonewearl

    Eclair: Hunewearl

    Jenstar: Fonewearl.

    Firebolt: RAmar.

    Match: HUcast.

    Grez: HUmar.

    Keystone. RAcaseal

    Chaos Magnum: Ramar

    Cypher: racaseal

    Clones: Clones are exact replicas of people that either exist, or existed previously. The clone is created, and then fed a memory chip that contains the knowledge and experiences of another person. There is a rumor that Tycho is cloned, as Tycho, at least, had been defeated before and forced to start back at a beginning state, while still carrying the memories and experiences necessary to reach the end goal set out for him without status advancement. In game terms, he was able to go from normal through ultimate in episode 1 without leveling until defeating Dark Falz on ultimate.


    Zeota: Hunewearl

    Ultimecia:. FOnewearl

    Delphine:. Hunewearl

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    Well, well, well. There certainly are some memorable names around this place.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyrant_Flame View Post
    Well, well, well. There certainly are some memorable names around this place.
    Never thought I'd see you round these parts again

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    Yet here I am. This place is pretty quiet, not that I was expecting Times Square or anything. How's things Tian?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tyrant_Flame View Post
    Well, well, well. There certainly are some memorable names around this place.
    Well met, Tyrant. Got some time in you schedule for some reading?

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    Great, great! I don't know what type of file format everyone is able to read on their respective computes, but I'm ready to send a preview to Alaina, David Rankine, Ryan from Newfoundland, James, Brian, Tycho, Ryan from South London, Zophar, Hugo, and Mikey. For the most of you, all I have is a very old e-mail address from around 2003 to 2005, so go check your MSN, Gmail, or Hotmail accounts, if you still have access to them. Mikey and Hugo's are up to date.

    Zero DX, and Photon Drop: I would like to send you the preview, as well. Heck, Zero can even use it to record his lines, if you want to. If I have e-mail addresses for either of you, it's a surprise to me. If you see this, and would like to read through what I have, feel free to send your address via private message, or something.
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    I think PDFs are pretty standard nowadays. If not; you could send an unformatted text file.

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    Ok, that was a long read, but an interesting one, i simply kept going and it's scary that you mapped a part of my personality in it aswell, didn't think it was that obvious. Like always watching certain caracthers movements among other activities.

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