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    Default Heyoh all!

    Good day everyone!

    I am N0s, your friendly neighborhood Canadian!
    Now, I didn’t know where to post this. I don’t even think this post is necessary, but I like to introduce myself whenever I join a community. Actually… I have been here before, back in my PSO days on the Nintendo GameCube™. However, this old account is long gone and here I am, in 2017, back to the good ol’ PSO with PSO2 on PC.

    I have played PSO2 before, back in episode 2 and again back in episode 3 but I got extremely lost, already had a lot on my plate and never made it past level 25. It’s only this weekend that I finally decided, out of boredom and, probably, frustration from yet another version of PSO2 coming to Japan without any updates about a western release (Damn you, I want this on the Switch… like really want it [Shakes an angsty fist at the SEGA gods].)

    Anyways, hello there, PSO-World! I am an old PSO fan coming back to the franchise. Did I mention how stoked I was to see they were at episode 5 now? It’s like seeing my own baby succeed. PSO was (and probably still is) my favorite game ever made. Yes, there’s probably a lot of nostalgia goggles syndrome going on, but I still love this game to bits.

    Finally, after a few days playing PSO2 now, I CANNOT believe, I never gave it a better chance before this weekend. The game is a lot of fun, although a little confusing for new players when it comes to gear and progression.
    All that to say, hi! Nice to meet you community!

    If it isn’t too much to ask, can any of you link me to “Must have” information?

    I am a level 37 Bouncer right, subclassed with Hunter for extra S-atk (Going DB). However, I am also debating the possibility of switching to Ranger

    Edit: I posted this thread multiple times by error because of a forum bug where my posts would never show up... Sorry in advance to the mods...
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    Good Day fellow hoser. Yes these post are necessary because it allows me to do this:


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    I love this.
    I've seen it on all the lounge threads and it's still amazing every time

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