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    Question In real life fashion Trend ( outside of PSO2, as in those on the street )

    Hope this the right spot for this type of topic.

    For us dude's , well I was thinking of going bold this year.

    I was thinking of trying on long skirts , you know those like the ladies wear and all.

    (Asian dude here by the way.)

    To me I think its just a label and want to give it a try.. what say everyone ??

    I mean ladies can do mens clothes.. but why cannot guy's do women's -_-

    comments anyone ??

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    so you want a real life cross dressing thread?

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    Quote Originally Posted by otakun View Post
    so you want a real life cross dressing thread?
    does it ONLY have to deal with crossing dressing ( not flaming or anything )

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    Youre welcome to use the IRL photothread thats stickied on the top of offtopic: if you were interested in sharing your results. (Please only use yourself for that thread. )

    In regards to idea of men wearing things like skirts and the like. Not letting the "social norms" bother you aside, I don't see why not. The only big problem i can see men trying on clothing fitted for women would be sizing, and how the bodies aren't always fitted for wearing those kind of things. Don't let anyone here stop you.

    As for me? My body type just absolutely does not fit the kinda clothing like that. So i never really bothered.

    "It looks cool this way, let's stop."

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    I think you should also carry bagpipes, then no one would find it strange.

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    I don't think that skirts are suitable for men... I've imagined a bold guy in a skirt and it really made me laugh, no offense. As for the baldness, I think it's a bad opportunity too. Maybe making a good hairstyle will satisfy your "fashion" needs. Sometimes a jar of hair gel is just enough to make a crazy hairstyle and to feel different from anothers. And wearing a skirt is silly.

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