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    Default Anyone Interested in a Mother Trigger Quest Party on the 14th with the 150% RDR Boost

    EDIT: This event is over, thank you to everyone who participated.

    So we have another chance of getting 14★ drops but this time, from a non-overpowered Mother with a 150% RDR:

    -I need 11 people
    -If there's over 11 demands, I can keep you name as a backup in case someone doesn't show-up
    -Everyone must provide at least 1 Mother Trigger
    -We'll form 3 parties of 4 for a 40% triboost
    -The party will be on block 36 or 217 if we have Vita/PS4 players

    Reply to this topic if you're interested and post your character's name.
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    What time?
    Quote Originally Posted by FireswordRus View Post
    But if u take mpa with a lot boses in 1 time, and if FI have war cry lv10 ,FI win

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    I'm interested if Ship 2

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    I'm interested too. I PM you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tunga View Post
    What time?
    Time could be tricky since people could be all around the world, but for now, I would say 21:00 Eastern Time. If this is an issue for some people, just post your suggestion for a better time here.

    Off-topic, including someone who PMed me, we would be 4 at the moment, 8 spots left.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Geistritter View Post
    PMed you about it.
    Cool, with you and your friend, that's 6, so 6 more to go.

    EDIT: Someone else PMed me, so 1 more to the list, 5 to go. Also, that person added a note regarding any EQ that could happen during that time. Worst case scenario, we wait 15~20 minutes or something, doesn't take a full 30 minutes to do EQ nowadays.
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    Mother Triggers
    [Flashbacks to that one time I ran 76 Mother Triggers in a week]

    I-I'll pass thanks (・ω・`)
    Pika22 ingame. Add me if you want I guess. I don't really post here (・ω・`);

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    Quote Originally Posted by pika2525 View Post
    [Flashbacks to that one time I ran 76 Mother Triggers in a week]

    I-I'll pass thanks (・ω・`)
    Ya, but the the drop rate on 14★ weapons have been improved, there will be a 150% RDR boost and 125% triboosts are plentiful.

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    The Limited Quest Beckoning Woods and Menacing Castle is also back and they also drop 14* (and Demonia).

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