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    Yeh the Guilty Light dropped from the Mines boss i think and it does penetrate enemies but i really hate Guns that give you a long pause after firing as things move so fast even on VH that the extra second or two lockdown from firing makes you vulnerable to attack, and i like to be able to fire and move, fire and move.

    And i have gotten quite good at manual evasion, letting an enemy get close enough to trigger them using a Melee attack and then turning and running so they try to attack and miss and i get more distance away from them :P

    I'm going to start running through the VH quests today and see how i do,

    And you say goto Ultimate like the Ruins and Dark Falz on VH will be an easy task hehe.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SlyFoxUK View Post
    And you say goto Ultimate like the Ruins and Dark Falz on VH will be an easy task hehe.
    Sadly there are no good Ra drops on Greenill the only thing you can do is to find a Crush Bullet on your Redria or buy some Charge Mechs/Shoot/Rifle (i think you can get some low Hit weapons on VH) and farm a lot of meseta. After that you are more or less ready for Ruins (except it's a really long boring run).

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    Yeh the Dimenians are damn fast 2 hahahaha

    I'm more worried about Dark Falz kicking my butt several times before i beat it and go onto Ultimate :P

    And i tend to use only Rifles/Shotguns if i have a good one (even tho yes they have a long pause after firing also) and i don't like Mechguns, tried to use them before but my fav Ranger weapon is the Rifle because of the range it gives me.

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    Ok i am right at Dark Falz's door hahaha

    Trying to work out which attachments to use, luckily found a Dragon/HP so that is on and i have a Resist/Light+15 and Resist/Dark+15 but i'm really not sure about the resists, i hate the freeze AoE as it always seems to hit me, just wondering if i'm better off with Resist/Ice+15 to try and counter that a little? Or if the last phase really needs the Dark/Light Resist haha.

    I also got 3 of the 6 Scape Dolls that i have out of my Bank, just incase i really f up bad.

    If i'd of found a damn Add Slot i'd have an extra choice here but f RNG lol

    My Current Resists are as follows at level 67 Ranger :

    Fire = 30
    Ice = 28
    Thunder = 28
    Dark = 33
    Light = 30

    And HP is at 462.

    That's with the attachments i stated above btw.

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    Well... i grew a pair, went running on in there fearing the worst, i have to say, i kicked his ass so hard lol

    I came out with a Tempest Laser and a Blizzard Arms as well

    Onto Ultimate people!!


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    Update -

    Cleared Forest Ultimate YAY!

    Onto Caves Ultimate lol.


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    Quote Originally Posted by SlyFoxUK View Post
    Update -

    Cleared Forest Ultimate YAY!

    Onto Caves Ultimate lol.

    Watch out for the lillies.

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    OH i got killed by them once hahah was not expecting the One Shot kill from them


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    Update -

    OOh wow, just found a different version of the WALS-MK2 from a random box in Caves 1, it has +15% Hit Rating????

    Should i be using this on Ultimate over my Justy?

    I did find a God/Arm which i have equipped now to increase my Hit Rating as well, and i do like to Snipe Heavy-Heavy-Heavy (And maybe ya think i'm a newb for that but :P to you sir/madam), i only like using Soft attack when things are close and i need to stagger them to finish them if that make sense lol.

    I did try using the Jutsy special attack but its accuracy is so damn lame its not worth using and i spend more time resetting the room by running out than actually doing DPS so i gave up on it, just thinking with the added Hit Rating, maybe the Confusion on the WALS will hit more? Gonna test it anyway hahaha.

    Oh and Rapid, my expert Guide thus far, i have only managed to find a Charge Raygun and Charge Laser so far and they were random drops.


    P.S. OH and i forgot to say in previous posts that if any of you are interested i have a Youtube channel @ Sly Fox UK and i hope to try and do some Streaming and hopefully get to show off PSO Ultimate and get some direct help if anyone is interested it maybe worth locating my Channel and either sub so you get a notification when i start Streaming or just keep an eye on here when i post my Stream times, will be nothing until next Friday though aka the 6th (ish) as i can't Stream until i have Unlimited 4G on my phone :P.
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    I play a ranger as well (174 Ramarl) and I mainly do H+H+H combo with my Spread Needle or Y9000. Only take out my Frozen Shooter to freeze pesky enemies then switch to the Y9000 to finish them off.

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