I purchased the Phantasy Star 2 premium upgrade from Sega Forever on Android, and despite being promised the ability to save and load locally instead of being forced to use cloud saves, I have not gained such benefit. At least I think... It is not really clear as to how to save locally in the premium version, and searching for the solution online just leads to articles criticizing Sega Forever in general. Not much help. I decided to ask Sega Tech Support, and that didn't help either. I bought this game for my Android tablet to show support for the devs, and I really want to be able to save offline but whenever I am offline and try to save it tells me I need to be connected to Google play to save. On the rare occasion it will let me save. But I have to be connected to the cloud to load. Where is that bloody local saving and loading option that I was promised? Can anyone who has purchased the premium upgrade for PS2 on Android please tell me how the bloody save system works for Premium Users? I will be forever grateful. I am not resorting to emulating it because I want to play the version that I paid for. Also, my tablet can only access the internet via WiFi. No data connections here. I bought it for that very reason because I don't want to pay extra just so I can connect to the internet on the go. That has always been a point of contention for me on mobile.