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    Default Guide for forces in PSO Dreamcast?

    So ive mostly played BB, but i decided to play some Dreamcast, and i just realized that i cant use the 1-0 hot keys like in BB, so i only have the 6 action pallet buttons.
    so i was wondering if what i should i ALWAYS have registered? im LV 5 rn, so its not a big real at the moment, but later it might be.
    theres a lot of spells in the game, so i just wonder if theres any i should ALWAYS have equipped, thank you guys!

    (P.S. If you havent noticed, im not that good with forces, i mainly use hunters, so really any tips would be nice, thanks again! )
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    Hey there! I play a lot of BB myself but I do use a controller still. As a force, I exclusively use techs (don't have a weapon that merits attacking, yet).

    Mind you, for whatever reason, the BB Action Menu button-layout is backwards but, here it is:

    On the quick menu, I keep Anti at the very bottom for easy access, and Deband/Jellen/Zalure just above that. Later on, you may want to keep Grants nearby for stubborn enemies with good resistance. I hope you find something that works for you!
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    I can't remember if this works on dreamcast (it works on psox and psobb with controller) but pressing R Trigger and Y simultaneously opens the shortcut menu. the shortcut menu lists all of your techs, items, and weapons on separate pages. you can change pages with L and R. and you can rearrange the list with x or y. select with a. this allows you to quickly use techs not listed on your action menu and to use items and change weapons quickly without opening your menu.
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