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    Default Where is Elly Person in PSOBB?

    As the title suggests, I noticed that Nol is in the lab in Ep2 but Elly is not? I always liked her unique character model.

    I've only just begun to play BB in recent months so changes from GC are still foreign to me. Any clues are appreciated!

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    As far as I can recall, Elly does appear in EP 2 quests; especially Respective Tomorrow quest.

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    Ah, okay. I have played Respective Tomorrow but I must not have noticed...


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    Thanks for the replies. I just wondered why I didn't see her under normal circumstances in the Lab. But I guess she can only be seen in quests. x_x

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    Yes I find her work ethic isn't as good in BB as it was in Ep 1 & 2

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    Haha, ain't that the truth

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