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    Default Question about types and weapon farming (PSP2)

    Hey guys, recently picked this up. I played PSZ for hundreds of hours and I really loved it. This game is great so far aswell but there are quite some differences.

    Anyway, I'm a lv 68 Beast Hunter and I'm looking for a good ranged option for specific cases. I increased my Twin Handguns to Rank A and I'm now looking for a good lv 60 pair.

    One option that seems interesting is this:

    As you can see, I need to be a Ranger to make it easier to farm it at this point. I'm not ready for lv 100 monsters yet.

    So is it viable to switch to Ranger temporarily just to hunt for this weapon? I probably won't be able to reach Rank A with Twin Sabers then, or get any Rank A weapn type at all as a lv 1 Ranger. Or do my points transfer over if I switch?

    I noticed it seems better to switch types for some other weapons aswell (some Twin Sabers can be found earlier as a VA), but I just don't know if I should.

    Just to add: I know I can go along with lv 50 stuff for now but I'm the type of player who likes to get the best options available ASAP :)

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    You'll have to be pretty dedicated to get these if you're going to solo the mission they are from.
    I remember farming these before I transferred my file over to infinity and I admit I couldn't clear that run as RA solo =.=. I needed at least one other person to help me with it. And doing it as Beast RA? Beast pp regen was so bad I never tried it. I'd use either Newman or Cast for farming C2 as RA.

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