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    Default Looking To Ship Transfer

    Hello, title says it all. I am currently on ship 4 and realize most English speakers are on ship 2. However I'm looking for a decent group before I make the switch. Wondering if any teams on ship 2 would welcome a new member to ship 2. Thanks to anyone that responds.

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    The question is what kind of Team are you looking for? Casual, Hardcore, Social, Highly Active, etc.? What is your timezone?
    For example, my Team, DELTA VALIANT, is fairly small (~20 registered members, 5 or 6 regularly active) and we help our members when they ask, but we are rather casual and don't do things like organized EQs, instead everyone just kinda does their own thing most of the time, and the majority of our active players are in Europe. While we would gladly welcome a new member, we know this style isn't necessarily for everyone.

    Wait at least 5 minutes before quoting me; I'll most likely edit my post within that time.

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    Honestly I'm just looking for a group of players to play with. The play style isn't as important as playing with the actual team itself.

    EDIT: my time zone is EST.
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