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    Default Ultimate Free Field: Enchanted Forest

    Remember November 2017, when people ran laps around UQ Nab slaughtering all wildlife that dares to pose a remote threat for hours on end for a shot at Weilabode and Nemesis-NT weapons? Well, replace all those drops with Demon and Jutis 13*s, prettier scenery, and more Bodes, and you have Enchanted Forest Free Field!

    Also Tagbode drops unite! o/
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    Super glad i chose to avoid mpas and run this either solo or in parties instead, this way i can take my time to enjoy the scenery and play at my own pace.

    Bonus: Attachment 41607

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    The golems and fire demon things have more health than the average EQ boss, ridiculously obnoxious to fight considering they aren't even a threat.

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    Got the leg bode on my 2nd run. I guess my luck getting the arm goes to the leg.

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    I got Kazamo 14* Drop from Forest within 45 mins of playing it.

    That's some massive fucking lucklet nonsense right there.

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    Free Buster is dead again 'cause of that.

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    Buster Quest was a mistake from the start. They should've just went with the Free Field formula instead of trying to be massively different by trying not to have a new Free Field and put TD Lite which end up failing miserably.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meteor Weapon View Post
    Buster Quest was a mistake from the start.
    Wep I don't deny it but now it's 500k Orders + medals wasting... I NEED MONEY!

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    Is there any information on the SAF and potential of Lumiere series?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Titan View Post
    Is there any information on the SAF and potential of Lumiere series?
    It's litterally in the Zieg menu. For both.

    Potential is 12% bonus damage + Hero Will once per quest. When the "Hero Will" ability triggers, the potential says you start regenerating HP gradually (but I do not know the rate/how and how long it lasts).
    SAF is a S2 ability that gives +3% damage on breakable parts (I don't know if it works on broken parts).
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