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    Arrow PSO2 Trading Card Game (or TCG for short) (Scans)

    Disclamer: As usual, sorry if this is somewhat not allowed. If so, let me know ASAP, so I can delete it or if you're a MOD, please, feel free to do so.

    I'll be posting TCG scans in this thread, for those that like it and/or are interested in them.
    I've done my best to scan these in the best possible quality, but please take into consideration my lack of equipment and/or experience on scanning stuff like this. Xp

    Starter Deck Hunter

    First up, we have the Starter Deck Hunter. I'll post the info on the amount of each card the deck has in the future update. For now, it's just the scans.
    The RAR contains the JPG files of al lthe cards present in the deck, plus 2 booster packs that came along with it. It also contains the BOX scans and the player matt.

    More to come in the future.
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    Oi that's pretty neat.

    Take my Imaginary Internet Appreciation coin as thanks.

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    when someone will make a simulator like yugioh pro :P

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    You may want to host this on a site that doesn't try to drown us in adware and links to suspicious sites. What's wrong with MEGA?

    The effort is appreciated by the way, I didn't even know this is a thing until now.

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    Waiting for structure deck; Hero

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maninbluejumpsuit View Post
    Waiting for structure deck; Hero
    They're going through things in Episode order, so we might not see such a thing for a while. Cards also have icons listed up to Summoner, so whether or not there will be rules for Hero added is up in the air.
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    Wow, it's actually much higher quality than (it was on preview) I expected.

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    This art is niiiiice. This makes me want a second C.A.R.D game to be released.

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    Yeah I believe when they originally revealed it it looked like they wanted to use the 3D models like in the early PSO2es Weaponoid Chips.
    Thank god someone told Sega that they would look like garbage if they did that.
    Also nice Typo there Sega (they even messed up the Arks Font version).

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    Going to contribute to this thread, I've made translations for the Starter Deck and Vol 1-1 cards and the Quick Guide for PSO2TCG.
    Translation may not be 100% but I got as close as I could.

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