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    Default My PSO Journey

    Hey all,

    About 13 years ago, I saved up $50.00 for a brand-new copy of Phantasy Star Online: Episodes 1&2 Plus. I proceeded to spend an obscene amount of time item hunting, mag raising, and character re-creating across 3 or so years. The game spread to many of my friends, and we spent many hours huddled together around insufficient quarter-screens.

    Fast forward 10 years later, I’ve basically forgotten about PSO and moved on to other games and hobbies. Last week, I randomly had a dream I obtained the famed “Sealed-J Sword”, an item I was obsessed with obtaining in my youth. I awoke with newfound determination: I was to fulfill my childhood mission of finding, arguably, PSO’s most powerful and scarce weapon.

    The next day, I booted up my game to find my latest character still intact: a level 115 HUmar sporting a Skyly section ID and fully developed mag. I’m super happy to rediscover this amazing gem of a game, and I hope to have many fun interactions with fellow fans

    That’s my PSO story! Feel free to post about your love for PSO, or how you managed to (re)discover this wonderful game.

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    My story starts back on the Dreamcast. The trailer video came on one of my demo disks. The game looked so amazing that when version one came out, I ran to the video store to rent it. I was only level 3 or 4 when I hopped online and right away invited to a party to kill the dragon. The party leader had a teleport ready for the rest of us. Not one member was over level 10 and I am pretty sure three of us was not even over level 5. The dragon wiped us all out within seconds. I didn't really get to play it much until I got my hands on V2. Now I had to run back to the video store to get the game disk serial number and ID so I could fire up V2. Then after the DC died off, I moved over to PSOX until those servers shut down. Logged on to BB until it shut down. Suffered through several private server shut downs and PSU 360 until it shut down. Finally bringing me to PSO2, until it shuts down. It's been a long voyage but well worth it.

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    Sorry to bump an old thread

    I thought I leave my story here too.

    It started many years ago when me and my friends were bored just playing console games ( this was during high school ), so we looked to the internet. Tried every other game there was back in the days. Could not find a good one.
    Then one day we chanced upon schtserv psobb server and we decided to give it a try. This was my first time playing PSO. We had alot of fun.
    As the days went by , hacks started to drop into the game ( its a private server ) spawning meseta and free weapons lol. Kinda spoiled the fun zzzz. Well it was fun till it lasted.
    Anyways feeling bored we tried other games too. ( Too many others )

    As the years passed , we graduated high school and went our own paths. Too busy to meet up online to really play games so yeah.
    Anyways fast forward to 2012. I was already working then busy very busy. Luckily the job was a 5 day week so I had my weekend's to rest. As usual I was trying many other online games but could not find the fun in them cause most them were pay to win zzzz.
    Feeling bored of decided to look around for better games and this is when I remembered PSO. I decided to give it a google and poof popped up on google search.

    I clicked on the link , registered and jumped into the game. When I first logged in , I felt alot of nostalgia as I had played PSOBB before. Looked around the game , esp the class counter and I did not see many classes then. The last class on the list I remember seeing was braver. So eh I decided to give it a shot. Was very fun then , but somehow I left again for abit roaming around other games again. yeah in and out.

    When I offically came back lol , magatsu was live. Logging back in after so long I decided to continue my braver. Got bored tried other classes , also got bored. Until I tried bouncer main sub hunter on jet boots.

    That's right , I have been playing since I found Bo/Hu

    I would say Bo/Hu ( Jet boots ) was the time when I started to really play the game , however , I figured something was missing from my Bo/Hu build. Could not figure out what it was.

    Fast forward to EP5. Hero was launched. Gave it a go and I say Hero matches my play style really well. Been using hero until today. HERO fot the win.

    Now to wait for EP6 to arrive and try Phantom. Of course the story as well
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    Sorry to bump an old thread
    What the heck? You didn't even contribute anything. What is the point of this?
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    What the heck? You didn't even contribute anything. What is the point of this?
    Look up above your post lol

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    Great story. I have used Hunter/techer for the longest time on my second character, as I basically made my HUnewearl from PSO, until just recently unlocking Hero and I must say I have been enjoying that class quite a bit too.

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    I started my journey with my GameCube on Phantasy Star Online Ep. 1 & 2. When I started playing the game I had no idea what I was doing but i slowly started learning it and was enjoying it. I played Phantasy Star Universe after that and a few others along the way. Now I'm on the Switch and last year played PSO2 on it until level 30. A few days now I tried logging in with a new Sega ID and it won't let me play. So yup that was my journey.
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