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    Default Need advice regarding units

    So I'm not really sure how to handle units in general. Currently I'm using an Evleda set (with cheap affixes of s-atk and pp) but I don't know if those are good enough as is.

    I also currently own:
    *2 sets of Thunder Izaneshi (In my storage and didn't bothered using it)
    *those Invade units (ready to be upgraded to austere units)
    *a Rear bode (working on getting a set even tho I wont use it soon)
    *and Saikis (my old set that I used)

    I mentioned those 4 sets cause I keep overhearing them a lot on either in-game or here in the forums except for saikis cause its an old thing now. I play casually so I didn't really bother with getting other units aside from Evleda set I already have cause it feels enough and it also looks cool imo.... but is it really enough?

    should I bother using one of the sets I mention? I don't even know whats the difference between those units aside from the looks lmao

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    Those sets are all OK.
    I have an Evleda set with T ATK, a Izane set with R ATK and a Union set with S ATK. Quite frankly I don't feel any stronger in one set or in the other.
    The real difficulty is to know what rings to associate with them, since we know for sure some rings are going to be obsoleted.
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    Austere rear + arm and the best leg 12* you can get remains a very strong unit combo. It will become only stronger with the ring changes, as ring slots on units will become less valuable.

    The only thing that in my opinion outperforms the above is bode. If you have bode rear and arm, you can replace austere with it. If you have only one though, I wouldn't bode-r.

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    Full izane, board + izane or full board sets are the way to go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wahahaha View Post
    Full izane, board + izane or full board sets are the way to go.
    I 2nd this.
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