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    Default ARKS Battlewear Select SG Scratch (13 June 2018 - 12 December 2018)

    An interesting selection of stuff, and I kinda like but kinda also hate that they separated so much of the outfits into accessories.
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    These just have to be in SG scratch... ;-;
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    Quote Originally Posted by Silent_Flower View Post
    Need SG?

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    You can even tell SEGA that the new rain EQ is really bad too in this questionarie.

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    Nothing I want in this one thankfully, I can finally save SG for triboosts.
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    Lot of trash stuff to troll people chances to get what they want imho :/ There are some Zelsius acc. I would like put my grasp on but r-n-g

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    outfits are bad but LAs are pretty good to give it a try. some goof LAs i don't have are there

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    Only 2 basewears I liked, but with the amount of trash in the pool to lower my chances, I will just wait for a better scratch /:

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    wow even the Quna Costume is fucked. People were expecting the latex to be BA and the Gear to be OU but all they did is remove the neck Gear and Tail, make them accessories and make the costume BA

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    Yeah, Zelsius' color scheme just ruins the whole thing. Accessories aside, it's a rip-off.

    Also, when I heard ARKS battlewear, what I had in mind was Tiger Pierce, Ballistic Coat, the starter costumes, etc. This is just a letdown.
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