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    Default Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst Let's Play

    Similar to the let's plays I've done for Phantasy Star Online 2, Phantasy Star Universe, and the original Phantasy Star, I've started up a story focused let's play of Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst. As I go through the series I do plan to point out version differences.

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    Oh man good times. What server are you playing on?

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    I'm using a locally hosted server. It's not tied to any other ones you already know of.

    Here's the second episode.

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    Dang you going all 1 player on everything then haha. Nice~

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    Well not entirely. The server software doesn't have everything. Challenge mode for instance is missing so I'll probably have to hop over to another server for that.

    Episode 3:

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    Episode 8:

    Episode 9:

    This series will return in the future, but for now it stops at the end of Episode 1 Normal Mode.

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