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    Default PSO2 models appear dark

    So recently I've had this problem that whenever I log in, I have a 50-50 chance of all models, including my character, to appear with dark, grey-blue-ish skin which looks really hideous. I would post a screencap, but like I said, it happens at random. Is that a problem with my settings or with the server?

    Thanks for any answers!


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    Odds are it is either corrupted files or that you need to make the game use more than 2GB of memory, so try these two things:
    1) Run a file check (in the Tweaker, Go to Troubleshooting -> "Check for Old/Missing Files (Old Method)" or in the official launcher, it is the blue button on the right under the large red one)
    2) Enable LAW (in the Tweaker, go to Other Tasks -> "Enable Large Address Aware")
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    I had similar issue now. First costumes glitched out and appeared all white and metallic. Then if the game kept running for longer more bugs appeared like bosses spawning invisible or with no textures either and after a while the game would just crash to desktop after a short stutter without any error.

    Just want to add to it that the 2nd method with enable LAW seems to have fixed it for me. I'm on a 64 bit OS and I've been told that I need this enabled, for anyone who similar glitches.

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    I'm having this bug, not fixed with a repair in the tweaker or address aware.

    Any ideas? All my graphics settings are enabled/set to maximum as far as I can see...

    EDIT: Figured it out it seems. PSO2 by default has SLI compatibility bits and settings in the driver profile for the game, and by removing these (and thus disabling SLI), the issue is gone.
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