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    Default Next Revival Scratch 07/18/2018

    6th Anniversary! Accessory Selection

    Contents: Popular accessories, hairstyles, voice tickets, lobby actions and much more so on will reappear!

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    Seriously they got to revive the sexy bikini wear bases. I mean the shadow one is like 200m now DANG.
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    all 6 items shown in the preview don't interest me so im not expecting much

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    If they revive Eternal F Layer GV now, I'm gonna be 【PISSED】.
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    They hopefully will revive the Enamel Tights, since that was a huge seller when it released.
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    Bikinis or riot... seriously its summer... its been 2 years since shadow bikini... i sold one a couple months ago for 150m... seriously sega revive the damn bikini! Or at least come out with a mysterious style that doesn't have the awkward checker pattern kthx.

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    The scratch is live:

    I hope the enamel tights come down in price, though I am not optimistic. Other than that, I think I'm going to see what price I can get on Metal Gauntlets and the Spread Wings.

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    Only thing worthwhile for me was the hairs, fox mask, and the tights.

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    worst revival scratch ever

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