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    Default PSO2 Book Scans Trading

    General Information:

    Created this thread for people who can afford to buy PSO2 books but canít afford to buy every single PSO2 book, and are willing to trade scans of their books.

    How to Format Your Post:


    1. Please try to keep this thread clean for easier archival and access for others.

    2. Please donít discuss direct trading in this thread and instead PM the person you wish to trade with.

    3. Please make sure your scans are of high quality, arenít missing any pages, and etc.

    4. Please donít re-upload scans to torrenting sites and share with people not listed as trading in this thread.

    5. Delete your post if you wish to no longer continue trading or write ďNo Longer TradingĒ on your post.

    Trading Courtesy:
    • Please make sure to read the post of the person you wish to trade with and note any requirements listed in their Notes.

    • Make sure scans are of High Quality (taking pictures of pages are NOT considered High Quality scans, regardless of how well the picture is).

    • Adding scans that others traded to you as scans that you have and are willing to trade is okay but please try to credit who you receive the scans from.


    The goal of this thread is to establish a healthy community of book trading for people who support PSO2 through buying their books; while dissuading pirating and re-sharing to people who donít have anything to offer back to the community.

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    PSO2 Episode 1 & 2 Materials Collection
    PSO2 Episode 3 Materials Collection
    Phantasy Star Online 2 es 3rd Anniversary Visual & Chip Collection

    PSO2 Episode 4 Materials Collection
    PSO2 Episode 5 Materials Collection

    High Quality Scans Only
    I will provide my own scans through Gdrive.

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    why trade and not just scan for the sake of everyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kril View Post
    why trade and not just scan for the sake of everyone?
    I just assumed most people here were against pirating since the books have been out for years and no one else ever uploaded scans.

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