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    I've been looking for a way to delete my SEGA account, and there doesn't appear to be one anywhere. On attempts to try and unsubscribe, I've been unsuccessful (not because I don't know what to do, but because I can't read Japanese, thus I can't get to the page where I am required to input my desire for this to happen.)

    Help with this would be appreciated as the unwanted emails have become cumbersome. Especially since I played PSO2 one time, years ago.

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    you could have easily disabled getting e-mails a long time ago, you can try using the sign up guide and finding it in your account settings but if youre still playing the game it makes no sense to close your sega account

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    Instead of nuking your account, why not just tell your email client or site to put that shit in spam?

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    If you still able to login to your SEGA ID, you can try to unsub from ID management page.

    Easy mode:
    Mark mail as spam, depending on what service you use but this feature is very common nowadays. All mails from this sender will be thrown into spam (usually will automatically deleted as well).

    Hard mode:
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